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It feels good to be back to personal online publishing, a familiar space for me. My name is Jad, and I’m a blogger from the Middle East. I first embraced blogging in 2002 when it was still in its early stage, and it happened accidentally when I wanted to test the new platform back then (Blogger.com), I believe before it was even acquired by Google.

Back then, blogs were raw and unvarnished digital diaries where people could share their thoughts and observations with the world uncuratedly. It was empowering and liberating to have this platform for self-expression at a time when traditional media outlets were still the primary gatekeepers of information.

In my first blog, I shared my personal experience as a young adult and provided insights on various cultural, social, and political events that took place in the Middle East region. My authentic voice and analysis quickly gained me a small but loyal readership. Later on, I ventured into technical blogging with Syntux (a combination of Syntax and Linux Tux), gaining significant traction and generating side income from software and hardware-related advertisements and reviews. (That’s how unboxing was back then πŸ˜„)

As often happens in life, other priorities and responsibilities arose that forced me to go on an extended hiatus from blogging for a couple of decades. However, the itch to write has never left me. I have rekindled my love for this medium, and after much delay, I have resurrected my digital home here at madi.se.

In this new era, I plan hope to cover a wide range of topics that are close to my mind and heart. From musings on personal growth to sharing reflections on the rapidly evolving world we live in to geeking out about Linux, coding, and all things tech. I hope this reimagined blog can serve as a platform for enlightening discussions, thought-provoking exchanges, and developing connections with curious minds across the globe.

I’m excited to resume this blogging journey and engage with all of you. Let’s nurture the free spirit of the open web together! The core essence of blogging has not changed much over the last two decadesβ€”using one’s voice to lay bare one’s intellect, experiences, and emotions in this revolutionary democratization of knowledge and ideas.

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